Sales Testimonials

Yes, it’s beautiful!!
You guys are the best, really appreciate everything you’ve done to make this happen,
It’s exactly as you said it would be.
Thank Sylke and your associate also.
It was a pleasure doing business with you!
Best Regards,

My wife and I recently purchased a used motorhome from Klondike RV Rentals. Since we live over a thousand miles from Whitehorse, it was impossible to drop in for an examination and a test drive. Frank and Sylke answered any and all questions completely and immediately via email and telephone. Their honesty compelled them to send close up photos of the smallest flaws to make sure that there was no chance of misunderstanding.

Upon our arrival in Whitehorse, we were pleased to find the motorhome to be as represented. The Baranski’s humour, hospitality, knowledge and professionalism were appreciated. I heartily recommend Klondike RV Rentals as an excellent company with which to conduct business.

Don Perry tel: 780-353-2799